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Cost Le$$ Fumigation provides termite fumigation services for residential and commercial structures. We specialize in eliminating Drywood Termites, Bed Bugs and Powder Post Beetles.  Our method of termite fumigation treats your entire structure, leaving no questions about its effectiveness to reach every area of your home or business.  

termite fumigation san jose
Residential Control

Only Vikane gas fumigant has a 50-year track record of ensuring 100% elimination of destructive drywood termites.  Why trust your most valuable investment to any other method of control?  Termite fumigation is proven to be the best treatment for control.  

termite fumigation san jose
Commercial Control

Return your workplace to a pest-free environment.  Termite fumigation is in your best financial interest, by eradicating the problem before it causes irrevocable damage to your building's structure.  

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